Efficient palm maintenance services in Cairns, the Tablelands and Daintree

Residents of Cairns, the Tablelands and Daintree are blessed to enjoy an abundance of palm trees, but just like with all trees, they must be properly maintained by tree experts. As part of our complete range of tree care options, we can provide you with professional and cost-effective palm maintenance and de-nutting services.

MPDT uses the latest climbing technology to safely get up high to de-seed and de-nut your residential and commercial palm trees. Our reliable service also helps to minimise property damage and prevent accidents from occurring.

We can manage your palm trees with ease

Here at MPDT, we’re fully insured to carry out palm maintenance work and can ensure your trees are free from seeds and nuts. Our aim is to make the palm trees of Cairns, the Tablelands and Daintree safer and healthier by trimming and de-nutting them on a regular and ongoing basis.

We can provide you with a free quote to de-nut or de-seed palms and also diarise a palm tree maintenance program to keep on top of all necessary maintenance work. Palm maintenance is especially important in cyclone season as it helps minimise property risk and damage, and you can trust MPDT to handle all your jobs safely, efficiently and with ease. 
Palm tree with its dead leaves cut off

For more information about our affordable palm maintenance programs, call us on 1300 499 283.

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