Cairns' Stump Grinding Service

Cairns' Stump Grinding Service

Getting rid of your dead, diseased or badly placed tree is the first step to improving your property—but then what? Don’t let the stump clutter your yard for years to come. Instead, contact MPDT. We’re your professional tree service provider in  Cairns , and we offer high-quality  stump grinding  to make your yard tidier.

Get Rid of Stumps

After tree removers finish cutting down your tree, you’re left with a stump that comes up several inches from the ground. Not only does this stump muddle the look of your yard, it can be a tripping hazard and a great spot for unwanted pests and fungi to live and grow.

Stump grinding solves your problem. MPDT’s tracked machines can take care of any stump, no matter its size or where it is located in your yard. Our equipment will quickly grind your stump down to below ground level, effectively eliminating the stump from your yard. We’ll turn the stump into wood chips to either fill in the hole or give your garden a nutrient boost, depending on your preference.

You can rely on us to do stump grinding right. MPDT is a family-owned and –operated business, and our employees are experienced and skilled. Not only do we do excellent work on your property, but we make sure our methods and processes are eco-friendly—we want to do our part for our planet.

Reach Out to Us

MPDT is ready to take care of all of your tree-related needs, including stump grinding. When you need help with the trees on your property in Cairns, just get in touch with us, and you’ll soon have a better-looking yard.

If you have questions or would like to schedule a service, contact us. Call us on 1300 499 283, email us on or use our online contact form . We look forward to hearing from you and getting rid of that pesky stump in your yard.

Tree stump in need of stump grinding in Cairns

Call us today on 1300 499 283 for eco-friendly stump grinding and removals in Cairns, the Tablelands and Daintree.

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