Who We Are

Your Qualified and Reliable Arborists in North QLD from Townsville to the cape, South-East QLD and Brisbane areas

Count on us

Not only are we a friendly team of highly qualified and experienced arborists, but we also take great care in making your homes and businesses safe and attractive environments. MPDT provides a full range of tree care and maintenance services for private homes and commercial properties in North QLD from Townsville to the Cape, South-East Queensland and Brisbane areas, and we’re well-known for delivering top quality work.
For your peace of mind, all our reliable arborists are fully insured to tackle even the trickiest of tasks, and we have developed a large base of repeat residential and commercial clients.

About MPDT

MPDT is a family-run and operated business that was formed in 2005 by Bud, Billy and Priscilla Quaid, who have over 30 years combined industry experience. Asplundh, the largest Vegetation Management company in the world, has since acquired MPDT as part of its Australian companies. We have adopted a strong policy of hiring from local families and supporting local businesses. MPDT hires over 22% indigenous workforce.
Our roots began in the domestic field, focusing on delivering a quality service to homeowners, real estate agencies and local councils. We have now branched out into the commercial field, with a large part of our company working in the utility, mining and civil sectors.
What’s more, we have now completed works nationally and internationally, with MPDT being engaged for works in PNG, Fiji and Hawaii. As MPDT continues to grow, we are mindful to do so without compromising our reputation for quality, safety and compliance, while also keeping the domestic work our core focus.
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